Be All You Were MEANT To Be - Live With HIGHER Vibrations...

Are you being hindered in your self-development by a programmed dogmatic belief system that is greater than

your desire to seek true knowledge and understanding ?

EVERYTHING in the whole of existence is the creation of Energetic Vibrations – the higher the frequency that anything vibrates at – the more beneficial it is to the health and well being of a Human Being.​​​​​​​

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As a self-development mentor it is my purpose to achieve nothing more than raising your Personal Vibrations, (by freeing your mind) to the point where positive changes in your life become inevitable...

This is the ONLY book you will ever need to ensure  finacial success! It is far more than just the standard 'get rich' book you have read many times before...

It leads to a holistic approach to being successful in every aspect of your life.

 Making Money Mindset

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 The Real 'Law of Attraction'

The approach you should use whenever, you are trying to attract more money into your life is to forget about money – it's the things it can buy that will more likely match up to your personal positive vibrations...


Whatever challenge you have in your life – there IS always a solution…

However, for the solution to lead to permanent changes, rather than superficial ones you need to learn about yourself – and who you REALLY are...

​​​​​​​ Unique Content

The world is full of individuals acting like sheep following the moronic chase for money. The multi-millionaire authors are undoubtedly appealing to these people. On the other hand I help and advise individuals who want to remain individual and retain their personal integrity, in their journey to financial success.


The Life That is Your Birthright!

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Making Money Mindset 

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I do not often swear without emotional provocation – however, it would take a Saint (and I do not profess to be one) not to use profanity when tackling issues concerning the absolute disdain for humanity that has been, and is ever being, shown for everyone else in the world, by the ruling Cabal

There is no more apt way of describing the damage this Cabal’s influence and power has bestowed upon the world and the human race…except they have ‘fu_ked it up’ for everyone.

In this thesis I explore the ways that life is manipulated to suit the controlling Cabal and to ensure a 'common' Reality is accepted that is highly beneficial to them, rather than to each individual.

Most people – with even only a half a working mind are aware of the corruption, degeneracy and total lack of empathy in all corporations, governments and all governing (control) establishments.

Why is this?  It is essentially because we freely allow it to happen through ignorance - or worse, apathy.

Knowing – and reacting to, what is really going on, under your nose, is your only way to mitigate against the gravely harmful effects of being under dominance, and being manipulated into a Reality that severely limits every aspect of your life.

If you want a fulfilled life of ALL' possibilities' and to escape from debt and drudgery and the invidious control that pervades everyday life – I can show you how you can gain the power to change your own Reality to whatever you want.​​​​​​​

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The World is FU_KED!

This UNIQUE book will open your eyes to many of the hidden, in plain view, control measures that are shortening your life and ensuring your future (highly profitable) ill-health.

If you are ignorant of something that has seriously negative effects on you – you are a victim. However, true knowledge is a powerful ally and will stop you from being merely the unwitting dupe of the evil profit-makers who control the world.


​​​​​​​Book only -  5.99

​​​​​​​Book + Complete 7 Week Course - $17


​​​​​​​This is also the introduction to an ever expanding, ever developing Personal Success guide that can and will ensure success is achieved in any aspect of life you may want, or need...

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The ULTIMATE Guide to BanishingLow Self-esteem and Depression Permanently

There are literally countless books and papers, and documents, and (for profit) businesses, relating to the human emotional response system, which essentially, is responsible for ALL the varying types of depression, and ALL problems affecting self-esteem.

Most are written by highly lettered clinical 'experts', or doctors, or medical practitioners of some sort...but, their highly trained knowledge is actually what limits their effectiveness in treating emotional response issues - on a permanent basis.

This is far more than a just another book about the subject. This is mainly new, and totally unique content, rarely considered before, and is very effective, on many, many levels.


This is not a medical treatise, full of self-important sounding clinical terminology or 'science' gobbledygook. It is not the result of mainstream indoctrination and dogmatic training. It is also not the usual collection of anecdotes, trips, tricks and techniques that treat, temporarily, only the 'symptoms of low self-esteem issues and depression.

It is an in-depth look into the main under-lying causes of low self-esteem and depression. It is the result of deep personal experience, very extensive independent research (not guided or mandated) and, above all, a thorough intuitive knowledge of real life and true reality


How Can This Happen?

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This is an impeccably researched, fascinating and UNIQUE fiction novel (based on the real truth) for intelligent readers. It is not your usual banal crime and chase, fifty shades of, or zombies return, publication.

With locations in South China, Vietnam, Thailand and UK, and a host of diverse wonderfully depicted characters, it is a narration that encompasses multi-genres; romance, horror, thriller and esoteric, among others.

Primarily it is a story of hope – of enlightenment.

Unquestionably, there is a great deal of evil in the world. This book focuses in depth on certain aspects of this evil. Paedophilia in particular. If you are at all squeamish, or are in denial of the propensity of some, so-called, ‘human Beings’, to inflict heinous and vile acts of depravity, torture and murder against other human Beings, I urge you not to read this.

Of course, there is a reason for evil. It is not a natural, or random, facet of human nature, as some believe it to be. All evil is the direct result of influenced and manipulated behaviour. The evil described in this book is real. It happens - unfortunately, most of the time - in most countries.

I explore how and why it happens in detail.

Why a book, a novel, involving the horrendous subject area of paedophilia?

Simply to draw attention to this mostly unknown or, at least, unpublicised area of human (low) life, that is a contagion among the rich elite, and is swept neatly under the carpet by those who have the power to do so.


Sensationalism is not my intention. Imparting information (perhaps uncomfortable information) is. Knowledge is a powerful tool and can lead to change.

If you do decide to read on, do so with an open mind, and strap yourself in  - you're in for a thrilling ride...

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An ever growing video channel full of feel-good content

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This is the Ultimate Personal Success Life Course

Plant & Grow Your Personal Success

Do you want to improve your health? Your Fitness? Lose weight? Improve your self-esteem? Improve your relationships? Lose the fear of something?  Cure yourself of disease? Have more energy? Improve mental focus and clarity? Lose stress?
Cure yourself of depression? Escape from the endless drudgery of a 9 to 5 existence? Gain more Free time – and most of all, earn the money required to do all these things?

Whatever you want from your current life experience – you CAN achieve it.
​​​​​​​I will guarantee that you do.

How can I guarantee your Personal Success, in any aspect of your life? Because, if you don’t achieve the results you desire, at first, I will work with you personally until you do - or send you to other specialists.

I assure you, you CAN achieve personal success in anything – IF you really want it.

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​​​​​​​70+ comprehensive videos - 100s of articles and reports, programs, documents, books weblinks, actionable life ever growing collection

Everything is thoroughly explained – with text and/or video, and is broken down into easily assimilated chunks

in any aspect of your life...

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When psychic aberrations impinge on the well-being of a retired teacher,

he seeks psychological help. Regression hypnosis presents itself as a

viable option. A previous incarnation proves to be responsible for

the phobia's and mental 'presence' blighting his life.

'Kiss of an Angel' is a unique narrative that simultaneously

follows the life of Geoff, an ordinary ex teacher, and the remarkable

exploits of Joshua, his previous incarnation, through the medium of

deep regressive hypnotism.

Josh was (re)born in 1897 and found himself in the third rank of young

soldiers who went over the top during he first charge of the infamous

Battle of the Somme.

Seriously wounded and captured by the enemy, Josh, now disfigured

and disabled, falls in love with the young German nurse responsible for

saving his life.

In this epic tale of heroism and betrayal, love and despair, spiritualism

and worldliness, and Heaven and Hell, no stone is left upturned

exploring the horrors of war, and human transgress. Nor the

generational psycho-neurosis it may cause.



Download a copy of this Amazing and UNIQUE book and begin your journey to Personal Success

in anything you want - by gaining the right mindset - and earning enough money to finance

all the changes in your life that you will ever need to make

A very UNIQUE Personal Success Guide - with actionable practical help - to ENSURE  your

financial well-being and time freedom - and living the life you deserve... 

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If You Pursue The Truth - The Truth Will Pursue You​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

This explosive and mind-altering book has the power to dramatically change your limited mindset and begin to manifest all the abundance you need into your life...


Although this a highly complex, and in-depth, thoroughly researched thesis it still barely goes beneath the surface of the humongous depth of the 'Rabbit Hole' that is 'life'. However, it IS a fantastic starting point to begin discovering the virtually unlimited knowledge that makes up our existence as Human Beings.

Knowledge that will help you, cause you, to over come any, and all, challenges that manifest in your life. With, even, only the basic strands of understanding, you will be set off on a fantastic journey of self-discovery and empowerment, where synchronicity will forever guide your future path.

Life IS way more beautiful, Gordian, and fulfilling than we are ever led to believe by mainstream media and indoctrinating, and limiting, education. Do yourself the biggest favour you could ever perceive and 'awaken' yourself to the unlimited possibilities of ever-lasting life. Break free from the deliberately created stress, anxiety, fear and despair of the modern world.

Free your mind from all the false, limiting, induced propaganda and dogma, that is manipulating you into being little more than a (highly profitable), completely controlled, robotic entity. Allow yourself to think for yourself. The facility for independent critical thought is perhaps the greatest gift you can ever attain.

Your higher personal vibrations that the real truth about Life and Reality will create, is your path to freedom and to achieving success in anything you desire.

Is this book magical? No more than any other book based around this subject area. However – it is written in a down-to-earth style, that is easily assimilated, without the usual opinionated and strident rantings. It is a gentle introduction into the truth about how your life is currently not your own, and how you can alter this situation.

And remember if you pursue the truth – the truth will pursue you.




It doesn't matter whatever you want from your life, you need one thing more than anything else – and that is...


It doesn't matter how much money you want in your life, you

need one thing above all else to gain it – and that is...

the right mindset!

What does it take to build the life you want?

What does it take to obtain all the money you need?


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A Fasinating Anthropology in Poetry

Which Reality Are YOU Living?

Reality is a concept it is not a place or thing to be thought about.
Everything...everything in existence is nothing more than energetic
vibrations – of this I can assure you, there is not a shade of doubt!

This very unique view of what life really is, will surely open your eyes.
Then you will see all the deceit and false information the control system
is constantly exposing you to, and you will see through all their lies.

Life should be a beautiful experience. Unfortunately it is for very few.
With the right knowledge you will be able to rise above the limitations
and gain a high degree of personal success in anything that you ever do

There is more to life than economic slavery – open your eyes I implore

and try to see all the hidden in plain sight corruption and falsehoods.
Once you understand fully what life is all about your freedom can soar.

Read these poems with an open mind, and you will find an answer to
every problem or challenge you may face in your life. Words of wisdom
have power to enlighten and change your mindset and attitude for you.

If you enjoy reading poetry
then be sure to listen to me
fine poems inside there will be
prose and rhyms of quality

So buy this awesome little book
its cheap and really worth a look
I do think you will be awestruck
and if you don't I won't give a …..

Without your sale I will get upset
Hard work's been put in? You bet!
So, buy the book today, don't forget
Then you'll have nothing to regret!

All proceeds I get will go to charity
I love helping poor people, you see
So please buy this book now from me
We will be grateful to a high degree.

Whatever you do, have a great day!
But, before you go, let me just say
It'll take a small amount of your pay
To make others overwhelmingly happay!


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I call this the...

The ULTIMATE Guide to Losing weight and Regaining Your Natural Body Shape Permanently

because this is far more than just another weight loss publication, dealing with the 'symptoms' of weight gain

– and all the (for profit) 'Diets' tips and tricks and regimes they promote.

It is the introduction to a thorough holistic course that

will ensure your permanent weight reduction, by a complete change of your mindset and force you to get YOUR natural body SHAPE BACK

If you're looking for another weight loss recipe book, this is not it (although I do link to healthy free recipes).

If you're looking for another 'lose weight overnight' magic trick or method, this is not it

If you're looking for a short-term fix addressing just the 'symptoms' of weight gain, this is also not it.

This is a thoroughly, impeccably researched treatise, based on personal experience, about the uncomfortable truth of the real underlying causes of weight gain – and how you can reverse the circumstances that are causing it. So that you never regain your lost weight.

Unless you treat the 'causes', and not just the 'symptoms' you will never lose weight permanently... and meanwhile you will put yourself through untold expense and hardship trying.



Book + ​​​​​​​Complete 10 Week Succes Course - $37.00 

​​​​​​​Book only -  $5.99